So…wait. What?

John Morrison will be facing Ziggler at Survivor Series? Well, I for one am thrilled to hear this. Do I think he’ll win? Honestly, not really, but I’m glad he’ll be making an appearance at the PPV.

I’ve been a JoMo fan since he was Johnny Nitro, Eric Bischoff’s apprentice, way back when I thought he was ‘nasty’. There’s just always been something about John’s in-ring work that I love. I don’t think he’s the greatest wrestler, or fantastic on the mic, (and I’m the first to admit there are things he needs to improve upon) but I do think he’s a great performer and is exciting to watch in the ring.

I really hope this is a sign that he’ll be sticking around and I can’t wait to see what him and Dolph do this sunday.

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